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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment London

Premium Wheel Refurbishment is a professional wheel repairing service provider in London, UK. We believe that your car says a lot about you. For this reason, it needs to be kept in good condition. Proper maintenance of alloy wheels enhances the beauty of your car. In addition, it facilitates the performance of your vehicle. Alloy wheels get a lot of abuse over time. They get kerbed, bent or scuffed. Every car owner is advised to provide regular or general repairs to alloy wheels in order to prevent them from future damage. When your alloy wheel is damaged, the layer of paint gets scratched or lifted and it allows corrosion to appear. Do not panic when your alloy wheels get damaged. Just ask for professional alloy wheel refurbishments assistance.
Why to trust Premium Wheel Refurbishment ?
Here at Premium Wheel Refurbishment, we provide professional wheel repairing services in London. Our alloy wheels refurbishment procedures have already been tested. We Guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and quality final results. Our company is based in London and it provides mobile alloy wheel refurbishment services. You can book our services whenever it is convenient to you.Unfortunately, some people believe that mobile alloy wheel refurbishment services do not deliver satisfying results. This is not true. Here at Premium Wheel Refurbishment, we maintain professional mobile equipment in order to provide quality performance of our services. The mobile alloy wheel refurbishment unit allows us to concentrate on a single vehicle. It facilitates the repairing process. The unit consists of a high quality compressor for spray painting as well as a professional set of tools for car lifting and wheel balance. We also supply your alloy wheels with chrome valve caps.Kerbs, stone chips, oxidation and corrosion are the major reasons for alloy wheels damages. They can cause deformation, cracks or scratches. When your wheels are bent or scratched, the value of your vehicle is decreased. Indeed damaged alloy wheels make your car look unattractive. The team of Premium Wheel Refurbishment can completely restore your alloy wheels. We can bring the natural beauty of your wheels back. By handling a professional alloy wheels repair system and equipment; we are able to successfully clean, repair and polish your wheels.Our team of experts uses the latest alloy
wheels refurbishment techniques and methods. We apply our techniques with the highest level of professionalism and care. We truly understand that your vehicle is important for you. It is a necessary element of your everyday life. Our goals are set to provide a first class alloy wheels refurbishment services in London. We aim to meet the needs and requirements of our customers and to deliver successful final outcome.
What services we do offer?
Premium Wheel Refurbishment offers completely affordable wheel repairing services. We have already built our reputation as one of the most reliable alloy wheels refurbishment service providers in London. We have gained many regular customers and we have received a great number of positive feedback. We are truly happy to have a large database of happy customers.Our alloy wheels refurbishment services involve the following basic procedures:Tire removalInspection of the alloy wheel for damage or bendsStrengthening of bent alloy wheelsTire installationAlloy wheels balanceAlloy wheels cleaning – this process includes removing dust and dirt by using proper cleaning tools (such as soft bristled brush, microfibre cloths, etc.) and washing the wheels’ surface using properly selected cleaning products.Alloy wheels polishingChrome valve caps supplyFinal alloy wheels inspectionProper maintenance of alloy wheels facilitates the performance of your car and extends the life of your wheels. It is strongly recommended to check your alloy wheels for deformations or damage on a regular basis.As a professional wheel repairing company, Premium Wheel Refurbishment provides high quality services and completes all projects with the highest level of professionalism. We take the utmost care for your alloy wheels and put our strengths in satisfying your requirements. The results we achieve are: entirely refurbished alloy wheels and fully satisfied customer’s expectations.Premium Wheel Refurbishment services are completely affordable and highly competitive on the London market. We support our customers and give them professional project management and successful completion of every task. Our pricing policy depends on the type and condition of your alloy wheels. Please check our Prices page to get more information on our rates.
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Alloy Wheel Repair London

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      Our Technicians are Available at a Time Convenient to You. We use Only Professional Equipment & Materials on all Work carried out We are Quick and Efficient whilst remaining Professional with no Compromising We offer 100% Customer Satisfaction, or we will return to re-do the job, Free of charge We can give you a Free Quotation on any Job Our Technicians are Fully Trained Professionals We are Available on Short Notice There are No Hidden Charges, all Prices are all Inclusive, so there is No Hidden Charges We offer the Best Prices in London We can give You a No Obligation Quote over the Phone, by Writing to us via Email, or we can come to you for a Quote in Person

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      You can Easily find us on our Website, on the CheckaTrade website, we are on Facebook, and we are on Twitter, We have our own YouTube channel, find us on Pinterest or Yell. There are Many ways to Book with us. You can call us on 078 66 77 33 44, Drop us an Email which is advised with supplying some pictures if possible, you can Use the LiveChat on the Website to talk to us live if you need a quick response, Or even leave a message on Facebook. Our Technician will Arrive at the Agreed Location at the Agreed Time. He will take off the Wheels, Repair, Paint, Dry and Re-Fit the Wheel/s. The Technician will then hand you the Receipt/Invoice and take Payment, either cash or cheque. or alternatively if you wish to pay by card you can call to the office and make payment over the phone, we will require a 50% deposit on card payments.